Where to find cheap nuts/fruits in Sacramento, CA
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Where is the best place in the Sacramento, CA area to buy quality nuts and dried fruits on the cheap? They just seem too expensive and/or "fingered" at the grocery stores.
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If you're willing to drive to Dixon there's Pedrick Produce right off WB I-80. You can't miss it. They've been there forever. Google them.
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I just asked a couple of locals: Trader Joe's.
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There's apparently a WinCo in Elk Grove. They have an awesome bulk foods section.
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The Davis Food Co-Op? Go out on a Saturday morning (or, March-November, Wednesday afternoon) and browse the downtown farmers market too.
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If you are near a Costco, I'd recommend this. Fabulous quality and delicious.
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Have you tried any of the local farmer's markets?
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TJ's (Trader Joe's) for sure. That's probably the best mix of cheap/quality you're going to get, unless you want to go HYPER CHEAP and go to Grocery Outlet -- although my guess is that if you're not a fan of bulk bins at nice grocery stores you will run screaming from the good old Grossly Outlet. CostCo/Sam's Club are decent options but the selection will be limited.

Davis Food Coop and Sac Food co-op are great (as is Whole Foods) but definitely not cheap.

Farmer's markets are usually about the same or more expensive than TJ's, the fruits/nuts are probably of higher quality.

There's a few fruit/nut stands off of the Causeway on the way to Davis that I recall having high quality fruit/nuts, but the way gas is, I'd just farmer's market it. The one under the 50 downtown is pretty good.

If you're in Carmichael, you might try Elliot's Natural Foods (more of an old skool-y type health food store), or you can try classic Sacto gourmet groceries like David Berkley and Corti Brothers (both worth a look even if you don't end up finding fruits/nuts there). However, none of these places are likely to be 'cheap'.
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The Sunday morning farmer's market is a great bet - under the freeway at 5th just north of broadway. Its twin, the Asian (Indian and SE Asian mostly) farmers market a block away at 5th & bway is great for fruit, produce, tofu & live chickens/ducks/etc. too.
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