Kid, you look like you're ready to take on the world.
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I feel like I can take on the world. What should I do?

I want to do something good and worthwhile, and I just had a surge of energy and felt ready to do anything. What can I do that'll leave me feeling accomplished?
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Best answer: Quick suggestions:
  • Clean your house, including the the most annoying parts you have been putting off forever.
  • Back up your computer(s), burn backup DVDs, another thing you have been avoiding, then reinstall all fresh and pretty with the latest everything.
  • Paint something. Everytime I want to paint a room/wall/house I get discouraged by all the prep and cleanup needed. Energy would help.
  • If you're a cook-type, inventory your pantry/fridge and make a perfect shopping list for all the groceries you need to cook your 10 favorite things. Then stock up with a couple of trips to the best shops (not just the most convenient).
That's all stuff that will pay off later, on days you don't have so much energy! :)
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Yeah this feeling will pass momentarily. Don't worry about it too much.
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Ah, this is like a one-day thing. Oops.
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Go find a girl (if that's what you prefer, of course). If you're feeling that confident, you'll do well picking people up, or so I'm told.
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First-- disregard the sterling wits up-thread.
Second-- figure out what got you to this wonderful feeling in the first place.
Third-- do something completely unexpected for someone in your past; make that phone call, send that thank-you note.
Fourth-- surprise a complete stranger with a gift or treat or favor. The pleasure will magnify.
Fifth-- give yourself something small and something rare.
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Help someone who's down.
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Whatever it is, do it around and with people.
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You should take on the world.
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