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What home-school software would you recommend? I'm thinking of something that will make assigning work, planning lessons, and tracking grades simple and easy. This is for a PC, not a Mac.
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My wife and I homeschooled our daughter for five years. Unfortunately, we didn't really find the "perfect" piece of software for this purpose, so we ended up using an old-fashioned paper binder system. Mrs. Deadmessenger did recommend this page as a pretty good starting point for finding this type of software - you might have different needs than we did - some of the applications linked there might suit your needs better than they did ours.

Best of luck with homeschooling!
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I have friends who like (the basic, free edition of) Homeschool Tracker, although I have not used it myself.
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Does your state require that you track your progress that closely? If not, I'd recommend relaxing and not worrying about it so much.My wife used Homeschool Easy Records our first year, and entered everything we did religiously. Then we realized the government wasn't going to show up and demand to see our records, and by the middle of year two we simply stopped tracking things closely.

Of course, with my son being "9th grade" this year, we need to start keeping better records again so he'll have a transcript for college.
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