Saab repair question, or recommend a mechanic near Kansas City, Missouri?
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Any saab mechanics or semi experienced shade tree mechanics in the green audience today?

Need some advice...more inside...

I need to replace the crank sensor this weekend/next week. While I'm a semi-adept mechanical type person, this has me somewhat worried.

Anyone have any experience with this, is it a shop deal only?

(btw it's a 92 900s, 16v, non turbo).

Come on green, help me! Help me! (I'm not melting, but am quite fed up with the wifes car)
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Response by poster: Ah well, thought I'd give it a shot!
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I see you're in Blue Springs, MO. There are several good import mechanics, one dealing strictly in Saabs that I know in Kansas City.

One is called I think "George's Imports" and they deal nearly strictly in Saabs. I can't think of the exact address even though I pass them every day. I want to say around 85th and Stateline? Right near Ward Parkway, Rockhurst... I know for a fact it's between 435 and 75th, being that if you go past those you've gone too far. It's farther north than Rockhurst High School.

There's also another one in Waldo whose name escapes me but my parents swear by it, and I've had several other people swear by it. They keep saying it's that "import place in Waldo", and can never remember the name. This leads me to believe that there is only one import place in the Waldo/Brookside area that's good, I'm sorry I can't give you more info on that one.

Hmm I didn't realize there was anyone on MeFi in the KC area... do I smell the beginning of a meetup?
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Have you asked on saabnet?
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Response by poster: I've been to all the lists and they're pretty general, I'm looking for some advice maybe from someone who has done this, As to George's, I'd have to sell one of my kids or give up drinking and smoking; which doesn't work well with working on a saab. Thanks though.

I'm down with a meetup, email should be in profile.
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