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Dear US Supreme Court Fans, when will the opinion on Columbia v. Heller be issued?

In the last year I've become a fan of the supreme court. I listen to oyez.org podcasts of the arguments and opinions when I can. I'm almost done with Toobin's book "The Nine" and I am becoming increasingly fascinated with the court. I've browsed through scotusblog, oyez, and justia but they all seem to be wholeheartedly dedicated to reporting the facts. Fair, and honorable enough. I however want to know what date this ruling is likely to come out on, and what website I should be hitting refresh on to get the opinion as fast as I possibly can.

If I've missed a forecasting page on one of these sites or any other please point it out. References or a history of accurately predicting opinion release dates preferred.

Trolls: For the purposes of this question the outcome does not matter, I just want to know when it's going to be released.
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Honestly, I've found that Wikipedia's the best place to keep up with breaking news. People race to put up major events as soon as they happen. Right now the DC v. Heller page says that the decision is expected at the end of June, but I'm not sure where they got the June part.

If you'd rather check a forum, I'm positive that once a decision is released there will instantly be approximately 87,000 threads in the General Discussion forum on AR15.com.
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I just did a little searching on AR15.com and found a couple of other good resources - first of all, the last day for decisions to be released appears to be June 23. Also, there's the SCOTUSblog.

Folks seem to think that Monday the 16th will be the day something will happen. We shall see!
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Wups - last but not least, if you want to press refresh on a particular website and get updates as soon as they happen, there's a "Heller Watch" thread which people will also race to post the news to.
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SCOTUSBlog also "liveblogs" each SCOTUS opinion release from now until the end of the session. That will also help you. Otherwise, just stand outside One First Street...
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When it comes to Supreme Court decisions, the schedule is and has always been "when it's done". They never, never promise a date, and anyone who claims to have one is just guessing.

The only times they ever rush are cases where the decision has to be timely.
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I love this time of year -- when the June Decisions come out. I make sure to listen to every one of Nina Totenberg's reports and I buy the NYT for their analysis, especially their followup analysis a few days after the last decision. Not a terribly diverse set of opinions, I know, but still great reading.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks, I'll check out those links. And yeah, I too am looking forward to Totenberg's reports, she is primarily responsible for getting me hooked on the court.
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