Where can I find Good music in Miami?
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Where can I go to find out about good music in miami?

I am new to Miami and looking to find out about music events that I like. I know about New Times, but they don't really cover music I'm interested in. Their specialty seems like white hipster music, indie rock, rock of various forms, etc. I'm looking for a resource on electronic music events (breakcore, dubstep, drum n bass, dub, reggaeton, merengue en calle, dancehall, bhangra, etc), and also some more traditional forms of latin music (afrocuban jazz, salsa, merengue, etc). Any websites to check?

thanks! todd
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Are you sure about the New Times? Their website has a fairly large calendar of traditional latin and electronic/hip hop events, among others.
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With the afrocuban and caribbean population being as large as it is in Miami, you'll find plenty of shows. Your best bet is to pick up bulletins advertising concerts at local venues like:
Hoy Como Ayer (also called "The Nostalgia Cafe")
O'Hara's (mostly local jazz acts but they usually feature a range of styles at least once a month. The one in Hollywood is larger and more diverse and was my favorite place to hang out in South Florida.)

Also, go to a spot like News Cafe on South Beach. You should find a lot of advertising there as well. Don't rule out the New Times. They list a bunch of shows. The thing with Miami is just to go to one event that interests you, get to know fellow fans and hear about things word of mouth. Finally, make sure you go to the local ethnic festivals (Venezuelan independence day, the Jamaican festival, etc.) Those places are great ways to find out about a specific music scene.
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Visit Sweat Records in Little Haiti sometime, talk to Lauren.
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Seconding Sweat.
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