Where can I get a copy of an episode of this little known TV show?
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Where can I get a copy of Episode 3 of the short lived Showtime (I think it was Showtime) series "Perversions of Science?" The episode was entitled "Boxed In" and starred Kevin Pollack. Bonus points to you if you can come up with a free version.
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A guy on IMDB once posted it to YouTube, maybe email him?
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Best answer: This guy appears to have it available for trade. I looked for it on several torrent sites, but came up short. One private tracker had it, but no one was seeding it.

Also, this guy appears to have episodes too. According to this post.

Good luck tracking this tape down. What's so special about this episode for you?
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Response by poster: Thanks to both of you! I may have to try to come up with something to trade with one or more of those people.

@ifranzen - A friend of mine had a role in the "Boxed In" episode and would like to use it on their acting demo reel. Unfortunately, it's dropped off the face of the planet, and no DVD release is forthcoming.
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Best answer: Please check your MeFi mail.
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