Everyone's personality is the same!
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Help me find a video I saw a couple of months ago: It's a clip of a foreign tv show where the host asks a bunch of random people to write their names, and afterwards he gives them each a private envelope that describes the that individual's personality. Everyone says that their envelope is amazingly accurate. In the end, he asks each person to switch envelopes with one another, and they all see that the same thing is written in every envelope.

Sorry if I'm not being clear. Basically, the paper that describes the personality is vague, complementary, and far-reaching enough that everyone feels like they can relate to it. Everyone thinks that the host somehow knows everything about them, when in fact, everyone's envelope is identical.

I'm pretty sure I saw the video on Digg, but I'm not positive and my google-fu is failing me.

I found this video particularly interesting because a couple of years back, I went on a site that was very similar. I typed in my name and it described my personality, which I thought was very accurate (although, in hindsight, it was mostly vague, saying like, "you're shy, but you are confident when you need to be"). Bonus points if you can find that site as well.

Sorry for the long explanation, but mefites, I need your help!
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James Randi on Astrology
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Also, here are some vague personality assessments.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure it was Derren Brown. Check youtube for clips of him.
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Best answer: I don't have sound at work, but I think it might be this video.
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FWIW, this is called the Forer effect. It's been around awhile...
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It's definitely Derren Brown - I saw this programme.

On googling, it seems to be "Trick of the Mind", Series 3, episode 1. (Also called episode 13).
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If you want to watch it again, I found the episode on question on several of the 'watch tv programmes online' sites. I won't link here in case it's against MeFi rules, but let me know if you have trouble tracking it down...
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I just watched the link I posted with sound - pretty sure that's the one. Around 7:20 into it they trade predictions and see they are all the same.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, it was Derren Brown (though the clown bit threw me off initially). I really appreciate it!

As for those curious, I found the site that I used to find what my name "means":

It isn't as detailed as it used to be. It's funny/embarrassing to think that I used to think that it was accurate -__-
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I'd love to see what the "reading" said...
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