Similar music to Brad Sucks?
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Anyone know any music similar to Brad Sucks? Listened to one of his songs, dloaded his album from his site but want more :D Thanks in advance!
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There is a guy who posts to MeFi Music that is really similar to Brad Sucks.
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The next album will be coming out soon, I think, which is the best way for more "like" Brad Sucks. What about the music do you like? What component of the music do you want more of?
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NDc, it looks like frenetic IS BradSucks (dum dum DUM!), though I could be missing something there.
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Response by poster: I believe i like his overall sound, i guess i also like that like buzzing computerish noise? like blurring? Im not a music person so i dont know what any of the terminology is... Yeah i guess thats it a nice mix between good singing/computer generated noise.
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Eraclare, frenetic is indeed BradSucks (and he says so in one of is Music posts). I think all you are missing is sarcasm. (Not intended to be Snarky. I didn't get it at first either.

So, thesonofmorgoth you could memail him. Have you tried Pandora?
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Best answer: Wooo. I want to give a helpful answer but I'm probably exactly the wrong guy to say. I have no idea who I sound like.

I can tell you though that people often tell me I sound like Beck, John Vanderslice or Folk Implosion. To the point where I feel kinda weird about it.

Maybe someone more objective will answer!
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check out some Nino Moschella
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I think you should check out the Dandy Warhols.
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See? I knew it: I WAS missing something.
You might also try some of the Dandy Warhols. Their style ranges all over, but a few songs fit into my Brad Sucks mix quite well.
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If it's computer noises and singing that you like, I'd recommend Havergal.
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Dear're awesome! I've listened to SOS like one billion times. Thanks.
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You're not still reading this, but I always "pictured" Brad Sucks's music as being Soundgarden with electronic beeps and boops.

Since I absolutely love Soundgarden and absolutely love bleeps and bloops, Brad Sucks is my favorite artist, right now.

Beck really is closest to what you're asking for, but I don't know anyone who blends straight-ahead rock with electronica and does the lyrics as well as Brad Sucks (and isn't a member of some scary cult). He really is ground-breaking in that sense.

No pressure on your second album. Sorry.
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