Quicktime is Jerkytime
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My boyfriend recently upgraded to QuickTime 7.5 on his G5 running Tiger 10.4.11. Now old Quicktime videos play back extremely choppy as if they're playing at the incorrect frame rate. What should he do??
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Is he seeing the jerky videos in Firefox? If so, is it okay in Safari and QuickTime Player? If so, known bug that Apple seems to be taking its own friggin' sweet time fixing.
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He is only seeing the jerky videos in Quicktime Player and only since the upgrade to 7.5. They are his own films/projects that he has stored on his computer (stuff exported from FCP, etc.) They play fine in, say, Real Player or VLC.

He doesn't use Firefox and videos on Safari off the web (say, movie trailers from the Apple site) play fine.

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Which codec is he using? He might have to re-export his clips from FCP.
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It's not just files exported from FCP that are playing jerky, it's practically every Quicktime file on his computer with Codecs ranging from H.264 to uncompressed DVCPRO50. Strangely, Sorenson 3 and Apple JPEG motion codecs play back fine.
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Sounds like you're not alone.

Do you have Perian installed? Uninstalling it may help.
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Response by poster: I actually installed Perian after the problem started because some files were causing Quicktime 7.5 to crash right after I upgraded to it--Perian stopped that from happening, but hasn't solved the jerky playback issue.

At a loss... I really don't want to revert to an earlier version of Quicktime (which would require a whole system re-install) but that may be my only option.
Any other thoughts?
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I would just wait for a week or two, Apple are bound to release another update that will fix the issue, in the meantime you can set VLC as the default player.
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in the meantime, use the ubuntu live CD to watch quicktime movies. you don't need to install anything.
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