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How do I turn my love/talent for singing into a career (or at least a side job)?

I love to sing, and not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at it too. I have a wide range and a versatile, cross-genre style.

I do karaoke contests every now and then, and I used to be in a show choir that paid a little bit of money. I've thought about doing community musical theatre, but i don't have a lot of time, as I work a regular 9-5 job as well. Also, because I live in Kansas City, there aren't as many opportunities available as there are in larger metropolitan areas.

What other options are there for vocalists to make money? Wedding singer? (I do that for free, for my friends), National Anthem performer?
Jingle singer?

Perhaps I'm overthinking this...

Thanks for your help & your time!
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Wedding singer, absolutely. You'll also want to have a band, of course.. wedding singer with tape backup just doesn't quite work (well, for me). Take out ads.

But, and I cannot stress this enough, please go get a totally objective opinion of your singing talent. If American Idol has taught us nothing else, it is that many people (and I want to emphasize you're almost certainly not one of them, based on your experience) have an.. overinflated sense of their singing ability.

Beyond that, though, getting a vocal coach to appraise your voice will also help you to make sure you select songs & styles that complement your voice and let it shine.
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Busk! It's good for the soul.
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Marie Digby posted her songs on Youtube. One of them was featured on The Hills. And now she has a recording contract!
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Have you thought about becoming a karaoke jockey? Two of my friends (both great singers) have been kjs before and it sounds like you would be great at it, what with the diverse style and all.
It also would likely be at night so it could fit in with your 9-5.

I don't know if that's serious enough for you, but hey you get to sing a lot and have tons of fun!
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Wow, a Recording Contract??
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Post to Metafilter Music--we'd love to hear you.
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Also something to consider - singing for commercials.
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