Best combination of strength and portability in a music stand
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MusicianFilter: I need a sturdy, but portable music stand to take to my band concerts this summer.

I play clarinet in a concert band that has an extensive summer schedule, as well as a few concerts in the winter, for which I will need to bring a music stand. Many concerts are outdoors, so it has to be sturdy enough to be stable on grass and heavy enough not to blow over in the wind. Most of our venues also require a long walk from the parking area to the performance area, so I need something I can easily carry along with my clarinet case and large tote bag of music. I've had experience with the stands listed below, but I'm really looking for the ideal combination of strength and portability. Thanks for your recommendations!

The folding metal type is not sturdy enough to support my big folder and stand up to the wind in outdoor performances.

I'm currently using a big, heavy, "portable" stand, which is great once it's set up, but heavy and unwieldy to actually carry to the venue.

I briefly used a Peterson music stand, which was used and recommended by some other members of my band, but they apparently don't make them like they used to, and the plastic knobs are prone to cracking or getting stuck.
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I have this Wenger. I don't gig a whole lot, but my dad does, and his stand (same model) has been in use for well over a decade.
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I use a Nilton folding stand. It is incredibly lightweight and I can store things like pencils and a tuning fork in the bit that holds the legs.
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We've got a RATstands Scherzo which is really portable and has withstood a couple of years of regular gigging with no ill-effects. It has a nice wide 'footprint' so I should be stable outdoors, although it might be a little too lightweight to withstand a gale, to be honest.
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Response by poster: The problem with the stand tops made of folding metal bars, like the one just above, is that while wind may not knock it over, it will definitely blow through it and blow my music folder onto the ground, me, or other people. So I really need something with a more solid surface.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far!
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I have a stand like this one (the Proel on this page). I don't have that same brand, but it's similar.

I like that the stand desk is metal and non-folding, but it's got holes in it so it's not as heavy. Wing does not blow through it, but you can always get some big clips ("bandstand") or, do what I've seen guys do, and use a big sheet of plexiglas.

Good luck!
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I use the Pinnacle.

Its pretty light, and folds up really small. It also comes with a surprisingly sturdy little gig bag. It is sturdy enough to hold up to wind and extremely adjustable.

It is a little tricky to fold up the first time (before you figure it out) but otherwise great. It is not a solid body, but it has those "wings" that can be used to sort of pin the music down. After years of trashing flimsy wire stands, and awkwardly carrying around overly-heavy ones, this is the best i've found.

I'm not sure if its still around as i can't find it anywhere on the internet.
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Response by poster: Follow-up: I ended up ordering this Peak music stand, and used it for the first time at a concert last night. It is excellent! Sturdy, strong, and portable (kind of bulky even when folded down, but comes in a carrying case so it's easy to transport). Coincidentally, a fellow clarinet player showed up last night with the same stand, having also just purhcased it!
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