What song did I hear?
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Name of rap song that imagines if other genres of music had beef like hip hop?

Very clever lines, all I remember is a few lines about Johnny Cash fighting Willie Nelson and Paris getting stitches and Bon Jovi telling Springsteen NJ ain't big enough for them both. It ends with "they laughing at us..."
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Is this it?

"Man I thought this was supposed to be hip hop hip hop
I'd rather be fishin' in flip flops flip flops
Or cross over to country like Kid Rock did, I
can't see no country singers beefin' over some guitar riff
That Willie Nelson lifted from Bob Seger"

It's by Eminem and D12, called "hip hop"
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:( unfortunately not what i heard...it was a solo rapper (eminem i would have recognized) and the whole song has all these pop stars beefing like maroon five etc.. isomehting like paris gets jumped by lindsay lohan and ashlee simpson and willie and johnny cash have a shootout in the Grand Ole Opry over a girl...
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