Computers says it's infected and asks for a disc that I don't have.
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I seem to have corrupted files, but don't know how to replace them.

I must have gone to the wrong website, because my CA Anti Virus software just told me two files are infected.

And I got this warning:

"Files that are required for windows to run properly have been replaced by unrecognised versions.To maintain system stability,windows must restore the original versions of these files. Please insert Windows XP Disc 2."

And I don't have Disc 2. I don't have any discs. I'm not sure I ever had them. I have a Sony VAIO and everything may already have been installed. Or they may have disappeared when I moved last year.

So...what might happen to my computer when I reboot it tomorrow? And how can I get that disc? Is there some kind of download from Microsoft? Is my computer toast?
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At this point, Windows still has unrecognised versions of those files. So even if/when you reboot, it will keep working fine. But if those are the infected files, you will need to replace them with original versions. The only version of Windows which was released on upwards of 1 disk was Windows XP Media Center Edition. Sony should have given you recovery discs which would include CDs of Windows. See if you can find those.. Otherwise, just download an image off the net, burn it and use it.
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My first thought was that you've got a virus. It sounds sketchy for some reason. Googling the error returned one result, containing this:
"From the description of your problem, it is clear that the system is infected by virus. Please check your system with an updated virus scanner and try removing it. But beware, do not open any attachments, even if they appear on your desktop and show zero KB data. Also take care to disconnect the PC from network and take a backup on external media like CDs before taking any remedial action."

I'd have to agree, backup anything you don't want to lose ASAP.

If it tells you which two files are apparently infected, you might be able to Google their names and download replacements. I've done that with some corrupted DLL's.

I'd also get some other anti-virus utilities and run them. My homemade 'security CD' for this sort of situation has AVG, Avast, and Antivir, and I believe they're all freeware. Wouldn't hurt to run some spyware tools as well like ad-aware.
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Oh yeah, the other thought I had was if you've either manually or automatically run Windows Update recently. If the anti-virus is complaining about versions of the files, it could just be stupid and out-of-date.
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I wouldn't bet that XP will boot properly if you reboot. Definitely backup.

Microsoft doesn't offer XP discs for free. You best bet is to find a friend/relative with that XP disc, or order the original discs from Sony (if possible).
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There is no windows xp disk 2. Where are you getting that message?
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Response by poster: I ran Spybot which mostly gets rid of spyware and adware, and I don't feel much better.

I'm writing from the infected computer. It booted up. Everything seems fine, but I know it's not.

gjc, right after CA Anti Virus popped up with a warning that five files have been quarantined and two others were infected, a Windows pop-up asked for Disc 2.

I've googled the error and someone else had the same issue -- they only had one disc and weren't sure what Disc 2 was.

With the CA window gone, I'm not sure it will tell me which files are infected; I'd love to just download the individual files, immediately, for free.

I'll ask my co-workers this morning and see what they recommend. Thanks for the advice, and I'm open to more of it.
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FYI: XP media center edition comes with 2 discs.
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