Knoxville computer help recommendations needed
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On behalf of a colleague, I need to find two separate things: a competent Windows tech support person to do a one-off job, and a very patient person or organization to give two middle-aged academics thorough sessions on how to use a computer. Both in Knoxville. A web search turns up hundreds of hits, but I need a personal recommendation or connection here to insure some level of reliability and skill.

The one-off tech job is the installation of VNC on two Windows computers inside of a home network connected via a wireless router to a Comcast cable modem. The router will also have to be reconfigured so that access to the VNC-enabled computers is possible remotely. This will require an understanding of ports and port-forwarding, security, VNC, and dynamic DNS services. No dillettantes, please. I already had one alleged tech person tell these colleagues that Comcast would have to do it. I'd do it myself--and have done identical tasks in the past--but I'm 1200 miles away.

The computer-using skill level of the two academic is not good. One of them still does not understand that the Enter key and the Return key are the same thing. The other is better, but he still needs a brush-up. Both require great amounts of patience, and a willingness to repeat, repeat, repeat.
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I'm curious about two things:

What discipline are the two academics in?

Do your two requests have anything to do with one another? :)
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Response by poster: Their discipline is in the humanities. I'd rather not say more for because it might be too easy to figure out who they are.

Yes, the two academics are the beneficiaries of both requests.
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