Optically perfect glass
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Looking for "perfect" glass for artistic purposes.

I am looking for glass that is what I'll call optically perfect. I currently get it from GEPE (www.gepe.com) in the form of slide glass. It is very good, but is limited in size. I would like this same glass in larger dimensions (a few inches) and/or thicker. Can anyone send me in the right direction?
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Response by poster: oh and yes, I've contacted GEPE about larger sizes, but no they don't
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It's what you'll call optically perfect? Exactly what properties are you looking for, here?
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Response by poster: The pieces need to be orthogonal (rectangular or square)
There can be no distortion in light reflecting off of or going thru it.
The edges must be clean.
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Fused silica (aka fused quartz) has very nice optical properties. I looks like technical glass products sells plates of it up to 6" x 6".
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Try McMaster-Carr and search for "borosilicate glass" (aka Pyrex). It's what most microscopy slides are made from -- very clear, very white.
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Response by poster: The fused quartz looks nice but is outrageously expensive

I ordered a few samples of borosilicate glass from McMaster-Carr. The glass is nice, but the cutting is really sloppy.
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