Romantic dinner in Paris
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Where can I take my wife for a romantic rooftop dinner in Paris?

The mrs and I got married about two years ago and for a number of reasons (money, blah blah blah) we were not able to go on a honeymoon. Until now, that is. We're going to Paris! I want to surprise her by taking her to dinner in a rooftop with a view overlooking the city. Can you help me find the place?
There isn't unlimited budget for this, but I'm looking at this as one of those once in a lifetime opportunities...
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I don't have any good restaurant advice, but you MUST eat dessert at LADUREE on the Champs Elysees. Make sure you get the hot chocolate. I'd also suggest a night cruise on the Seine river. Sure, it's touristy, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful.
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Kong. The food is good, not exceptional, but the location is fantastic.

Outwith hotels I'm not aware of many rooftop eateries that would be open at night, but the cafe on the roof of Samaritaine is worth a visit during the day. The restautant with a view in Paris was the terrace of Patachou in Montmartre, but last time I was there it was closed. It may be worth further research as I cannot imagine that location remaining empty for long.

There are also several restaurants inside the Eiffel Tower, but again these are enclosed restautants and not strictly "roof top." Great views though.
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Sadly, Samaritaine has been closed for the past few years. The wikipedia article cited above speculates that it may reopen in 2011.
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One might consider the food in Paris more important than the view.

Guy Savoy, for example, in the 17th arrondissement is well-known, highly rated, and quite well-deserving of its 3 Michelin stars . She will remember a meal like this more than any view - as will you - but it will set you back.

For the view take her to the Montparnasse tower.
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If you want a fantastic dinner in fresh air but don't care about a view, Lasserre is amazing. The roof opens up, but you are still in a formal dining room with walls. If you want a fantastic dinner with an amazing view but no fresh air, the Tour d'Argent is also very good although in rapid decline. Both restaurants are very expensive.

If you want both a view and open air, I've heard many good things about Georges at the Pompidou. Haven't been myself. I wouldn't expect a world class meal but it should be good.
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I've had dinner at Georges and wouldnt recommend it. Its pretty but modernist and probably not at all what the OP was looking for.

What the OP is looking for I think is Le Diapason in Montmartre which has rooftop tables with views of Paris and of course the Eiffel tower.
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Seconding Georges at the Pompidou. Excellent view. I had a great drink there with my boyfriend (at the time) and it was amazingly romantic....
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Response by poster: great suggestions here. many thanks to all.
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