I need a storage shelf/unit with cubbyholes and matching storage tubs.
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I'm looking for a storage solution that is essentially a wall of cubbyholes with matching plastic storage tubs/bins that fit snugly and slide in said holes and sit flush with the front of the unit.

I think that pretty much describes it. I drew a little picture if you're not understanding. I apologize in advance for not being much of an artist, but here is the illustration.

I don't really have a preference on color or material, but the boxes/tubs/bins need to be a decent size. I know we could probably build something like this on our own, but we'd like a professionally-built, nice-looking solution if we could. If it matters, this is for an IT storage/work area, and of course we would like to keep it as inexpensive as possible. Also, if you have other storage options that you would like to suggest, feel free.
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This request is pretty much tailor made for IKEA.
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How big do you want the bins? I made a storage unit in my basement that consisted of those 15x15x22 (or whatever) Rubbermaid bins, and a heavy-duty 24" deep shelving unit. Not flush, pretty industrial-looking, but not incredibly ugly, either.
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How about this and some of these?
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Ikea Expedit shelf plus milkcrates works, though I'm not sure you could call it professionally-built or nice-looking.
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Oops, jacquilynen typed faster than me
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We've installed some Closet Maid storage in two of our bedrooms and our garage, and their stuff is great. There are several cubbyhole configurations. Each unit sold for $49.00 when we bought them last year at Target, and a unit is usually stack on top of another unit to make one wall piece. We also have some California Closet storage and I would recommend that as well, although their website is beyond annoying. Target now sells a brand called John Louis instead of Closet Maid, they seem similar. Also scroll down that Target page to see a few cubbies you could stack and attach to the wall.

Also, watch these two mini-movies at Ikea - there are several storage solutions similar to what you describe, although most are shelves and not cubbies.
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Seconding Ikea, which will have the best looking ones, the cheapest ones, and the most flexible ones. If you don't mind primary colors, in fact, the ones made for kids' rooms are amazing.

Since you say IT area, that could give you a pretty Google look. ;)

They also have grown-up boring gray/black versions at a higher price.
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Yeah, Ikea kids' storage.
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I have exactly the configuration that Abbril linked and it works great for me. Its relatively stable and solid looking but its obvious its Ikea (like all of their stuff....). I wouldnt roughhouse it or anything because it doesnt seem to be made of stone but I store hundreds of records in it and various bric a brac in the containers and it does fine.
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