Gmail open link in new tab?
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In Firefox, I use the middle button of my mouse to open links in a new tab. I really wish I could do that with gmail (i.e., middle click on several emails and have them open each in a new tab, or middle click on "compose mail" so that would open in a new tab). Is there any way to do that?

Some links actually work already, such as inbox, other folders and labels.

As a somewhat distant second choice, right clicking and selecting "open in a new tab" would be better than nothing.
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Try Ctrl + click.
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Best answer: shift+click works for me.
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Yes, shift click will pop up a new window.

If you're still using firefox 2, this method supposedly forces new windows to open in a tab instead (I have not tried it).

Shift-click works in Firefox 3, and I have no idea if the about:config hacks will work or not. Since it launches in a day or two, you'll probably want to give it a shot and/or ask around to find the appropriate solution for the new version.
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Response by poster: Aha! Thanks Acari (and unixrat). Shift click plus some changing some Tab Mix Plus options works exactly as I wanted.
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For any Mac users using Firefox who might happen on this thread, command-click is what you want to open the link in a new tab; shift-click opens the link in a new window.
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Bless you all* for shift+click advice! I've long wanted to know this shortcut.

(*From an atheist... offer not valid in some locals. Check with your personal deity for details.)
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