No one likes Cigna DMO. :o(
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Help me escape the clutches of my Russian dentist -- who do you recommend as a general dentist in midtown Manhattan?

I've already checked out previous posts here recommending Dr. Lantner, Dr. Deidan and Dr. Wong, but none of them take Cigna DMO.

The last time I randomly selected a dentist from the provider list, the office ended up being a sketchy half dentist office/talent agency, where only after he started drilling (for what I was told was a routine filling) did the dentist inform me that he was putting on a temporary patch, and that I needed to get a root canal. And the dental hygienists only spoke Russian -- I felt like Elaine in that episode of "Seinfeld" where she's in the Korean nail salon.

Any recommendations in midtown? A search for dentist, of the 10036 zip (where my office is located), for CIGNA DHMO turned up Drs. Krasnov, Gulbenkian, and Klein,
as well as several docs with the Group Health Dental Facility, and the Ferreira Dental Group, among others.
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Best answer: I go to Imad Ayoubi on East 55th. He takes Cigna, according to the website. He has a clean, professional office and the hygienist who worked on my teeth seemed competent and nice.
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Dr. Steven Tushman at 1350 Sixth @ 55th, 212-246-4420. I've been with him for many years and always satisfied.
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Not Midtown, but I really like Irina Rossinski -- she's at 31 Washington Square West #1R, 212-673-3700. I had the same "routine filling" experience at my previous dentist, and bailed to Dr. Rossinski on numerous colleagues' referrals. Dr. Rossinski's great -- talks you through everything she's doing before she does it -- and has done enough free x-rays on me (to "double-check") that I know she's not out to get me...
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Dr. Michael Parr on 72nd & Columbus - a little past your area, but he's an excellent guy and has been taking care of my wife and I for years.

53 W 72nd St # 2
New York, NY 10023
(212) 580-9444
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Dr. Sonny Oliva. This guy is the best. So is the hygienist.

Call to see if they take the insurance. His office is a zen palace, which is pretty amazing considering he's a dentist, and in midtown.
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Marc Hendler. He's a former Army dentist and he's extremely efficient. He farms out very, very little of his care to hygienists or assistants, which I prefer.
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I really like both the dentists at Columbus Circle Dentistry--I think it's 57th between 8th and 9th. The younger dentist (forget his name) did a good job on some fillings I got recently and he was very understanding about my nervousness. Not sure if they take Cigna, though, as I have Aetna.
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