I need goofy, fun music!
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Sometimes I like goofy fun music, songs with a sense of humor, music that occasionally kinda makes fun of itself. Stuff like Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and The Men in Black by the Stranglers (especially Waltz in Black) and Klark Kent and TMBG. Does anyone have any suggestions for groups in a slightly similar vein?

I guess Wire sometimes fits into this group, maybe with songs like Kidney Bingos and Cheeking Tongues, but then sometimes Wire is heavy too, abstract and often nonsensical but heavy with emotion and mood.

XTC does some goofy, light fun stuff.

Ehh, maybe you know what I mean.
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Moxy Fruvous.
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Frank Black's Teenager of the Year is extremely goofy.

The rest of his solo stuff, not so much.
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Atom and His Package? Weird Paul? MC Chris? MC Frontalot? If you want music with funny/ironic lyrics that's actually *listenable* there's always Clem Snide.
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southern culture on the skids, the cramps. i also put bands like pizzicato5, shonen knife and the dance hall crashers in this category.

i also put material issue in that vein, but people may not agree with me.

oh and the murmurs one-hit "you suck" while probably not intended to make fun of itself really does.
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The Arrogant Worms are hilarious. They are expecially funny for Canadians since they alternate between prideful ("The War of 1812") and self-mocking ("We Are The Beaver" and "Ontario Sucks") on various topics. But everyone should definately check them out, especially if you like TMBG!
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I think you might really like The Bran Flakes, Shane - lots of fun to listen to. Two of them are metafilter members, too - mildred-pitt and otisfodder, who has some great music projects on his personal site.
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if you dig punk rock...then The Vandals is where its at. Especially the CD "Hitler Bad. Vandals Good" The track "I've Got an Ape Drape" worth the price of admission.
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You might like Camper Van Beethoven's early stuff.
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Logan Whitehurst and the Junior Science Club. You can download "Robot Cat" and "Me and the Snowman" here.
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Too Much Joy. Albums include "Green Eggs and Crack" and "Son of Sam I Am," and they were sued by Bozo the Clown.
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MC Paul Barman. Clever, clever man.
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Pianosaurus plays all of their music on toy instruments. So much fun to listen to! (Hi Shane!)
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Here is a Pitchfork review of The Frogs. Self is damn funny too, and one of his albums is also on toy instruments. (Hi Shane)
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The correct answer to this question would be The Dead Milkmen!
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Response by poster: Wow, cool, very cool.

I think inanity is a key word I should have thrown in, but you all got the idea!

People (including vraxoin) are always pushing Fruvous on me, so I'll check 'em out quick. I've seen SCotS (Southern Culture...) live, and they're a barrel-o-fun, like most rockabilly (Tenderloin, Supersuckers, Horton Heat). Rockabilly shows are great.

They're not goofy (well, the band is goofy, but the music isn't totally goofy, anyway), but for some reason I feel compelled to mention the Muffs (oo, new CD two days ago!), especially Blonder and Blonder. Just absolute pure punk hard-driving guitar fun.

Really, the Ramones fit right in too.

Thanks! I'll check all these out. Last P2P I used to sample stuff was LimeWire, so I guess it's time to move on...

Ha! Sued by Bozo? That's one helluva recommendation! (Hi Kris!)
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Not my kind of thing, but you might also try the Dr. Demento site.
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Moldy Peaches, The Tiger Lillies, & maybe some Momus. I also second the Frogs suggestion.
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The Vaselines. Nirvana covered a couple of their songs ("Molly's Lips" and "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam").

And if you can find it, Have Moicy! by a bunch of guys including the Unholy Modal Rounders, Peter Stampfel, Jeffrey Fredericks & the Clamtones, and Michael Hurley. It'll be in the folk section.
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Ugly Duckling. They're music tends to have a good sense of humor in general, but they are particularly enjoyable when they make fun of their lack of popularity/success/wealth/etc. Two such tracks that come to mind are "Opening Act" and "A Little Samba."

Also - the entire concept of Tenacious D is sort of a half-joke, but they actually have some decent music, some of which is pretty funny.
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The Tiger Lillies!
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The soundtrack to Dead And Breakfast is funny. The song "Quiet Little Town" contains spoilers, so don't hear it if you wanna see the movie.
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Both of these bands are pretty X-rated but very funny:
1. Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles[nsfw]
2. The Cocky Sticks
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Time flies by when you listen to Half Man Half Biscuit.
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Arrogant Worms! They rule!

I have a Gumby CD that's filled with top-tier performers doing Gumbyized versions of their hits. Bright gumby-green cd inserts.
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Primus, if you're ok with circusy funk metal. (if you don't know them, they do the South Park intro)
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The Asylum Street Spankers are fun.
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Response by poster: Hoo! Thanks. Great stuff, some of which with which I'm familiar. (Helluva sentence, wasn't that?)

Mmm, Gumby!
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Big Fish Ensemble.... definitely Big Fish Ensemble.
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I'll second Primus, as a band that totally rocks and also happens to be goofy/funny. A lot of their stuff sounds kind of dark and scary, on account of Les Claypool's bass playing just dominating their sound, but once you get used to it they are actually pretty lighthearted. Also, their live shows kick ass, and you can (pay to) download many of them here.
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The Incredible Moses Leroy.
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Screaming Jay Hawkins
Wild Man Fishcher
Louis Jordan
Frank Freakin' Zappa
Bonzo Dog Band
The Cherry Poppin' Daddies
The Meat Purveyors
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I would like to point you in the direction of Anton Barbeau. You can download some tracks from here where I'd recommend you start with The Horny Old Ballad of Tracy Shellac and Sweet Creature, What's Your Name?

You might also like The Scoundrelles.
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Response by poster: W00t! CD swap anyone?

AskMe is cool.

(I love Claypool's bass lines that sound like they're played on the Golden Gate Bridge's suspension cables, but I never really bought Primus CDs. I really should.)

Lechyd da ("good health") to you.
Where's this guy, anyway?
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