Where can I find Japanese monster movie samples?
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Where can I find a good source of audio samples from Japanese monster movies?

My band has recorded a song about being abducted by a giant electric flying insect and we need a couple of voiceovers to drop in to the song - something along the lines of "It's coming this way!!" or "No-one can escape Mothra/Godzilla/other monster's raging fury", or something similar. The samples can be in English, but Japanese is preferable. Does anyone know of an online resource that has something like what we're looking for?
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I've never seen a legitimate source for movie samples. Given that these would generally be considered to be copyright infringement otherwise, you'd have better luck sampling them yourself rather than finding someone risking their own legal trouble by hosting them on a public website.
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Best answer: The inspiring Gamera vs. Guiron is in the public domain and can be downloaded here.

Undoubtedly a fine resource for many juicy samples.
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Response by poster: Ah excellent - thanks for a good tip!
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Guiron wins the coveted Silent "for some reason" Award, an award given to characters, stories and a host of other cultural artifacts for attributes that really ought to be followed by that clause:

This film's antagonist, Guiron (named for "guillotine"), is a giant quadrupedal dinosaur-like monster with a head shaped like a long knife*. Along the knife is a hole that shoots small magnetic shuriken*. It also has the ability to fly*.

This award has also been given to the plot of Van Helsing.

*for some reason
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