Looking for a good place to get a tattoo in London.
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Looking for a good place to get a tattoo in London.

Any recommendations for a highly skilled artist in a reputable studio would be most welcome. The piece I'm getting is relatively simple, but I don't mind paying extra for good work.

Incidentally, is there any difference in tipping etiquette between the States and the UK? I've previously only gotten tattoos in America.

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i got a tattoo done at Evil From the Needle when i was on vacation in London.

the artist (think it was Jeff - not sure) was fantastic. even though it was my second tattoo, he went over everything with me and was very nice. although it's just a small tattoo (a word on my calf) i think it's the best tattoo i have, quality-wise. he was very thorough and did an awesome job. i would recommend Evil From the Needle to anyone getting inked in London.

the place is in Camden Town where there are a lot of tattoo places. some of the places around Evil are kind of sketchy, so don't be put off by them. Evil's clean, and they ID'ed a girl when i was there, so they appear to be reputable.
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oh - and i should add that it is about a 5 minute walk from the Camden Town tube station, if i remember correctly.
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My friend Kev says "I get all mine done by Nick Reid at www.skunxtattoo.com which is in Chapel Market, Angel. He's really good at old school stuff and does excellent line work which is what's needed for simple pieces."
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Seconding Evil From the Needle. My then-girlfriend got hers there and it pretty much matched gursky's experience. It was recommended by a friend of mine who lives in Camden and is a licensed body-piercer, so he's fairly familiar with the scene there.

And yes, there are plenty of sketchy tattoo places in the vicinity.
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