Books on impact of miracles on Latin American politics?
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I'm looking for recommendations on books on purported (modern) religious miracles in Latin America, and their impact on society and politics.

For instance, the Virgin of Cuapa appeared to a man in Nicaragua during the civil war, and ordered him to "burn bad books", which was done, with "bad books" interpreted to mean Marxist literature.

In general, I'm interested in purported miracles leading to mass movements, political change, and societal impact. Additionally, if there are some really good books out there on the influence and impact of the Catholic Church on modern Latin American politics (big subject, I know), specifically as it relates to the Latin American right wing, and possibly the various "dirty wars", I'd also be interested.

Academic works are preferred, but more popular reporting works too. Prefereably books I can get on Amazon.
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I forget where I saw this referenced, but I've had it on my "to read" list for months: Coping With Poverty: Pentecostals and Christian Base Communities in Brazil
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Response by poster: phrontist: I'm mostly interested in the Catholic angle, but I've been meaning to read something on Protestant movements in Latin America too, I know it's huge in Brazil. Here in Mexico, there are Protestant megachurches, with Brazilian preachers.
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