Oatmeal me!
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Where can I buy a nice cup of oatmeal near Washington Square Park on weekday mornings?

For the past two years, I have been working in an office that is right by a Europa Cafe. Every morning, I get a small cup of oatmeal there. They make it nice and thick (but not too thick) and they make it with whole milk. I love my morning oatmeal, and I want to continue to eat it for breakfast every day. However, this fall, my life will be based around Washington Square Park, and there are no Europa Cafes in walking distance of the park.

(Yes, I have made my own oatmeal before. No, I don't want to make my own oatmeal every morning. Not having to make my own is worth so much more to me than the $2.66 it costs to buy oatmeal someone else has made (and not ruined).)

Metafilter, thanks in advance, and I will report back in the fall if one of them works out.
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Grey Dog - Carmine b/t Bedford and Bleecker - Irish Oatmeal
Greenwich Village Bistro - Carmine b/t 6th Ave and Bleecker - Irish Oatmeal
Sacred Chow - Sullivan between W3rd and Bleecker - Flax Seed Oatmeal
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Seconding the Grey Dog, and there's one on University and 11th too if you're on the north side of the Square.
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I know you don't want to make your own oatmeal every morning. Neither do I; that's why I make a large pot of steel-cut oats (McCann's) every weekend. I refrigerate the cooked oats and nuke portions every morning for me & my family. They're just as good as fresh-cooked, if not better.

Of course, if you just like the ritual of buying your fresh cup every morning, this tip won't help you.
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I don't know if they still have it but (as of August 07) Think Coffee on Mercer Street just south of Washington Square Park had excellent oatmeal before 11am.. cinnamon raisins and milk, yum!
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