Music similarity explorer?
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Finding music like other bands....

A while ago there was a link on blue that had a graphical interface that showed similar bands. Can't find it. Any help?

Any other suggestions, if I like certain bands, to find similar things? I know this is like "generic music question" and all, but none of the major music sites seem to want to interlink music together well.
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Gnod's Statistics?
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Holy shit! music plasma rocks. I think I'll stop posting Gnod's now...

[sneaks away]
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In the several test searches I did, musicplasma's results were crap – tenuous connections, missing obvious connections, and incorrect relative popularity (circle size). I wonder where they got their data.
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From my understanding, musicplasma surveyed people a few years back for bands they liked and what not. All of their data is in turn based on those surveys not on anything current or objective. That is why, they have a lot of electronica and the like but very little of other types of music. It is a good resource, but a limited one, I wish they'd open it up again. You can try but not sure if you're not a registered user if it'll help much.
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Music plasma seems pretty good, except a search for U2 lead me to "Seal".

I worked in a record store for 4 years and can confirm that many people who bought U2 also bought Seal and vice versa. That's not to say they sound alike (though to my ears they do), but fans of one often like the other.
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Epitonic is pretty good.
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