Nantucket ahoy!
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My wife and I are going to Nantucket this weekend. What are some fun things we should plan on doing?

We've never been to Nantucket before and are pretty excited. We're leaving (from Boston) on Sunday and returning Tuesday. What's not to be missed? Walks, hikes, restaurants, sights - we're up for anything! We're staying at a small hotel in town and won't have a car.
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Well you'll want to rent bicycles and just explore, bring bathing suits and towels!
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well there's always the chance that you could end up in the bronze age and change history....

Explore the island while reading this book I imagine might be fun.
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Wander about Plum TV's Nantucket website for ideas.

Too bad you are leaving on Tuesday, since the Nantucket Film Festivallaunches on Thursday that week.
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Downy Flake donuts. Juice Bar for ice cream. And actually, the Whaling museum is pretty cool. Nantucket is obviously pretty darn flat, so renting bicycles is an excellent idea.
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this time of year the water temperature is in the high 50s to low 60s, i would not count on swimming as a prolonged activity.
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nantucket is awesome. i absolutely loved it. 2nding the whaling museum. and the blueberry ice cream there is the. best. ever. (tho that might be later in the season…)
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Bring pens and paper so you can write Nantucket limericks.
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Argh, you beat me to it!
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thirding limericks... ;)
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