iTunes won't let me import files
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Why is iTunes preventing me adding files to the library? Used to work fine, but now iTunes informs me that "You do not have enough access privileges for this operation". I have checked (via Get Info in OSX) the Permissions for my Music folder and each of the relevant subfolders and all show that I have Read & Write permission. Arrrgghhh!

Further info:

Can't recall changing any settings, and it worked just fine until a few weeks ago.

OS X 10.5.3
iTunes 7.6.2 (9)
library resides on the primary drive of my MBP (Macintosh HD > Users > Puffmoike > Music > iTunes)
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have you checked your permissions on the iTunes library files? I think they live in the same general vicinity of the music folder itself.
posted by Admiral Haddock at 10:14 AM on June 10, 2008

Response by poster: Yep.

Checked Music, iTunes and iTunes Music folders, and the iTunes Music Library itself. All suggest I (and indeed any other users) have Read & Write privileges.
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You might try taking the steps outlined here.
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Response by poster: I (hope I successfully) followed the steps outlined in the link suggested by B(oYo)BIES - thanks for the tip - and did a Repair Disk Permissions on my Macintosh HD.

Once completed I tried adding files to my iTunes library, but again to no avail.

Anyone else got any ideas?
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Best answer: Further update -

I just realised that some of the individual band's folders within the library have a padlock symbol.

When I look at them with Get Info there is a message "You can only read" immediately above the area where it says I have "Read & Write" privileges.

Off to investigate how to unlock these folders (nothing intuitive seems to be working...)
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Response by poster: Funnily enough unchecking the 'Locked' checkbox had the desired effect. How much more intuitive could I have hped for? ;-)

Sorry to waste everyone's time; my Mac noob status has been revealed for all to see ...
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Response by poster: Final heads up for anyone in a similar predicament:

This post explains how to unlock in one go all subfolders and files of a particular folder: handy when one has nearly 10,000 such items!
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