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Please help me find this poem that I read years ago and have only a few details from... I think was titled "Emptiness".

I first read it between probably 5 and 9 years ago on a website that had a lot of poetry and stories, if I recall. I think the website was fairly popular at the time, but, for the life of me, I can't remember its name.

I believe the poem was called "Emptiness", was written by a woman with a non-Anglo name (not Susan or Jane, etc), and the background color for the poem on the website was a light blue/turquoise/teal color.

The female voice of the poem was lamenting about a current or ex lover, watching him through a window (or imagining doing so), wasting time (alone or with him?), and I think a cigarette was mentioned.
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I wish I could help but the key words here are so vague and unsearchable. Can you remember anything else about the website? Anything at all - part of the url, the webmaster's name, the logo...that kind of thing? Was it around the time of bittersweets.org or kvetch or fray?
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Best answer: I honestly don't remember anything else about it - I was shocked when the title popped into my head a few weeks ago after I had been trying to remember what it was.

I'm not familiar with those other websites. I think it was around the time that Spark.com was popular (before sparknotes). It MAY have even been from spark poetry itself, but that subsite doesn't really exist anymore.

Wow... I remembered another article from that site that I had printed out back then and just found in a box. The site was thewax.com, the poem name I got totally wrong, though "emptiness" is in the poem.

It's called Wicker by Rena Kermasha.

Thanks for that little extra push to remember something else, iconomy :)
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Awesome ;)
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