Movies with multiple plot twists
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Tell me thriller/mystery movies have lots of plot twists, like in "The Game." Spoilers inside as examples.

I don't mean end-of-movie-twists specifically-- but my favorite movies in the thriller genre have "Switches" (not sure of the proper term), where the audience becomes convinced of one thing, then convinced of a different thing. Obviously the degree of being "convinced" will apply to different individuals, but a particularly good one was "The Game," where the movie's plot made a reasonable "case" for it being serious/being a game at several different points. A less successful example was "The Village," where after we learn that the creatures are fake, there's a sequence in the forest where the movie implies (through voiceover and camera angles) that a *real* creature is stalking Bryce, until it turns out it was a person after all. I can't for the life of me think of other movies with these "switches" in them (other than single Twist Ending switches, like 6th Sense).

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The Spanish Prisoner has numerous plot twists of the sort your describe.
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The Machinist, A History Of Violence.
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Muholland Drive...
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The Sting, The Usual Suspects, LA Confidential, The Prestige, The Illusionist, Intermission, (and if you like the artsy drama) The Fountain

Those are all personal favorites. Now I'm off to my netflix queue to see if I can remember any more
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Oh! I was going to say Blue Velvet but anything by David Lynch fits your bill
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Wild Things, if you like your twists of the soapy trashy variety....
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Mamet is pretty good at this. 2nding Spanish Prisoner, and adding House of Games, Spartan, and Heist.

I would also add The Prestige.
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The original Sleuth.
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Nueve Reinas or the American version Criminal (in English). IMDB has lists of movies based on keywords that you might want to look at, "long con", "surprise ending" e.g.

I'm assuming from your example of "The Village" that I needn't mention "The Sixth Sense."
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Total Recall
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The Usual Suspects
Primal Fear
Final Analysis
Dead Again
Secret Window
Angel Heart (I haven't seen this in almost 20 years, but I remember being freaked out by it, and seen to remember a plot twist...I was however very young then.)
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'Shallow Grave' is a really excellent twist thriller. It's the first film made by Danny Boyle and Andrew McDonald (who later made 'Trainspotting,' '28 Days Later,' 'Sunshine' and some others) and it's Hitchcockian in the best sense of the word. I couldn't recommend it more highly for what you are looking for.
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seconding Sleuth. The new one is good too.
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Identity. Hat Maui, Speaking of Hitchcock, there's Rear Window. It has you going back and forth, was it him, or wasn't it?
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Red Rock West
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You could work your way down this list. I'd say about 80% of those have what you're looking for (and the other 20% are just plain good movies)
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Almost anything directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot
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Layer Cake

The Conversation
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Jacob's Ladder, to an extent?
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Ne le dis à Personne (Tell No One).
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Arlington Road.
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Big Deal in Dodge City - (Or A Big Hand For The Little Lady if you're in the US)
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Brick (2005). Closer (2004).
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Every good movie I thought of has already been mentioned, leaving me only with Entrapment. It's not awful, but it's no classic.
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Nine Queens is a great example. You'll never guess the ending.
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Fight Club
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Seconding "Green for Danger" and "The Conversation."


"Double Indemnity"
"The Maltese Falcon"
"Lady in the Lake"
"Everybody Wins"
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Someone already mentioned Heist, but I feel it's necessary to mention that in that movie, the twists start to get really annoying after a while, especially since it's effectively the same gag over and over and over again.
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Suicide Kings
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oh yeah, and Jackie Brown
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Gone Baby Gone. I liked this one because the plot twists never feel gimmicky or contrived. The plot turns itself on its head several times, but it feels more like legitimate misreading of particular characters motivations rather than the writer throwing in plots twists for the sake of shock value.
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Would it be naiive to say Hitchcock?
Like, if you're into the suspense/thriller genre at all i'd expect you've already seen these, but Rear Window and Vertigo both have the "long con" you're looking for.
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Hot Fuzz, the end-of-movie-twists start halfway
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Interesting timing...
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Thirding The Prestige -- I finished watching it a few hours ago and it's exactly what you're looking for. Twistiest plot I've encountered in awhile, along with some very interesting philosophical and metaphysical questions.
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Zero Effect.
Run Lola Run.
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