Taxation and Reporting for eCommerce
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Ecommerce filter: Here at work we are attempting to understand/define the default business rules for taxation calculations within an ecommerce app. Specifically we are all tied up in knots over the application of rates, reporting issues, etc. Is there an industry standard for handling this aspect of a transaction? Who defines the standards, and how can I find out more about it?
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I'm not sure I understand this 100%.

A. Your workplace creates ecom apps and is wondering about how to handle taxing within the apps?


B. Your company is thinking about pursuing an ecom storefront for its proucts and you want to know what your taxing obligations are?

As a general rule, a company only has to charge sales tax in the state(s) in which they have a physical presence. You probably already knew that part, though :) If not, here are two more articles.
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Response by poster: Cool. Thanks. I think it's more of an A-type situation, with revenue sharing. Oy Vey.
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