Where's my pushup website gone?
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A website I was using has totally disappeared! What's happened to 100pushups.info, how can I get the crucial training programme back - or, can anyone recommend a substitute?

Aargh! The website with the push up programme I've been using has totally disappeared - just as I was making good progress with it!!

I can find some of the pages in the google cache - but not the crucial one with the programme on- or any contacts. Looking at the domain registration it looks like someone might have grabbed the domain recently...

Any suggestions at all on how I can get my hands on the programme or contact the original site owner would be much appreciated.

Failing which, can anyone reccomend a good, progressive, push up programme to bolt onto my other, more cardio, exercise regime?
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I loved that site, too, and I don't know what happened to it. Luckily, I noticed it went down shortly after it did, and was able to print the programme to PDF before it disappeared from the cache. Forwarding to you now!
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12 minutes! TPS - you are a veritable tower of helpfulness! Askmefi proves its awesomeness yet again!
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Any chance I could get a copy of that in my inbox as well, ThePinkSuperhero?
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Anyone who wants a copy can drop me an MeMail with their e-mail address.
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This website appears to mirror what was on 100pushups.info

By pure coincidence, I just started this program myself.
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