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Greetings, I have burned a audio cd with windows media player 11 and would like to print out the list of songs. In order to do this I need to find and install mpexp.dll. The only site that I can find that has this insists that I enter a security code that states Only enter symbols attached to a cat. Of course it is impossible to determine which symbols to enter because they want you to join the premium service for a fee. Does anyone know where I can find this dll. By the way the site is, obviously a site to be avoided. I also find it very frustrating to have to go through all this bunk just to print out a list!
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FWIW, Rapidshare is a legitimate large-file sharing site. My suggestion is to type up the list of songs in notepad and print that.
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Why don't you just type the songs into notepad or something? Seems like a lot less work.
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I'm not sure why people have so many problems with rapidshare's cats. It's not so hard to figure out. There are cats and dogs in the picture. The dogs have 4 legs and the cats are seated.

I uploaded the file here.
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Sorry, both my wife and I could not see which symbols were cats, dogs, polar bears, whatever. I think they do this on purpose to frustrate one to pay for the premium service...shame on them!
And why should one have to retype out a list of up to 20 songs that are already listed?
Other cd burning software offer to do this. Unfortunately my copy of Nero on my Acer laptop is corrupted, otherwise I'd ignore the windows media player.
Since my original post I was able to hit rapidhsare's happy hour and did not need to enter a security code.
However, I still can't just get a list of the burned songs to print out...just the whole library.
This is just totally unacceptable!!!!!
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I personally think you're putting way more effort into making this 'easy' than it's worth, and therefore are totally neutralizing any benefit you're going to get from your work. Just type the list in notepad and print it out.
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Get yourself a copy of audiograbber

Put the cd into your tray
Hit the freedb button to get the track listing
Goto FILE >> Copy tracklist to clip clipboard

Open notepad or word
Paste in the contents and print
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Or just use the command line. You do know the command line, right?

Navigate to the drive containing the CD. Enter
dir /s > c:\cdlist.txt

and there you have it.
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Yes, good ole dos!!!!!
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Oops, using the command line just lists numbered cda ie track02.cda
Oh, well.
Either I type the titles or use try the audiograbber suggestion
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The Audiograbber suggestion will only work if the CD is in freedb, which it won't be if it's a custom audio CD of tracks you selected yourself (unless you also submitted the tracklist yourself at some point).

The tracklist probably isn't on the CD either, since track titles, artist names, etc. aren't part of the red book CD standard.

You might be able to get Musicbrainz to suss out which tracks you have, but that's just silly since you already know.

The simplest solution is to just type in the tracklist yourself. Seriously.
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When I've burned CDs from playlists in WMP, I've used the Playlist Import to Excel Wizard powertoy which you can download here. I think you have to save the playlist as .asx in WMP for it to work.
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The Playlist Import to Excel Wizard reportedly does not play fair with Media 11.

I've given up on productivity and will just type out my own list....sigh

Supposedly, my cd drive supports Lightscribe, but I have none of their cd'rs , and I've never figured that out either!
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Last step before burning... printscreen the burn list (often with times listed!), paste into /application of your choice/, crop and print.
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The printscreen works the best. I just import into a picture editor, crop it, then print.
Great idea, thanks
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