I want to insert an mp3 file into my blog.
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I'd like to add an Mp3 file to my blogger blog. How do I do it?

I started with a .wma file, and I figured out how to convert that to an mp3. Ok, step on accomplished! I also found the html coding to insert the mp3, but obviously I have to have the mp3 loaded to some website first so I can use the location to insert the link. Is that making sense? Is there a place I could put the Mp3 file so that it's "out there" on the internets, and then I can code it into the blog?
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This comment lists all the places I thought of, plus the commenter gives some (good-sounding) advice.
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A blogger I love uses Hipcast but I don't know how it works...I am going to check into it as I want the answer to your question, as well. Check it out? I'll write with news if I figure it out first.
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There's a lot of options. In my own investigation I never found anything that wasn't kind of a pain - there is no intrinsic upside to hosting people's files for free; you have to monetize it somehow, by ads, or pushing paid subscriptions etc. I ended up using this place for a while and it was okay, I don't know if they are anything like what they were when I was signed up, it was years ago.

I also transact data with Amazon's a la carte S3 data storage service. It's pretty cheap but very difficult to set up (they don't provide any interface software to upload or download the data, you have to come up with your own or find someone else's that's available for free) for the ordinary non-programmer (though I managed to figure it out).

I've relied a lot on a computer programmer friend, frankly. If you have friends of the type who run their own websites, they could probably have it available online very easily through their own resources and as long as you're confident it won't be likely to get massive traffic it won't be any further problem for them (as they already have bulk data hosting set up one way or another).

Note that it's one thing to have a link to an MP3 file, it's another to have something like an embedded player so that a person can play the song within your page (like how it is on the Music page, for example). Unless Blogger has some widget set up for that you'll need some additional thing (the Music page for example uses something called the JW Media Player.
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I used hipcast before they changed their name to hipcast. I highly recommend it - You can post music as well as record audio blogs. The only reason I got rid of it was because I had to cut all my expenses.
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You can make it into a .mov file (maybe with an appropriate static picture) and upload it using the blogger provided tool.
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