Recommend best Java Swing reference books
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Recommend the best advanced-level Java Swing and AWT reference books you know of.

Pretend I'm coming from this question but someone has already chosen the answer for me: build your GUI with Java Swing.

Also pretend that I've programmed heavily in Java for many years, but UI work was stuck in MFC for reasons beyond my control. What Swing I have done has led me to find that a lot of Swing is over simplified and/or convoluted to a point that everything I tend to do with Swing widgets is none-standard, causing me to pull my hair out when the Swing widgets misbehave, breaking their own API docs (often times, revealing bugs that I eventually discover are well known).

Now suggest the best books for offline reference, given that the reader is a very advanced Java programmer, in general. Thanks!
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I did not learn Swing from books, but here are a couple that you may find useful:
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