Web based file management
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I need suggestions for a web based file management solution

I do not care if I have to pay for the software but would obviously like to minimize the cost. If I do have to pay I'd like for someone else to host it.

If i host it myself I would probably go with PHPfileNavigator2 as it meets most of my requirements (see below). Anyone have any experience with it?

1) Multi-user (unlimited preferably)
2) Robust access controls (user, groups, folders, files, etc)
3) Secure
4) Robust search that includes ability to add comments (or tags or whatever) to files and search through those as well
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I have used PHPfileNavigator and found it very easy to set up and manage. I believe it does everything that you need, although I haven't used the search function.
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Perhaps setting up Webdav?
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