How do I search for all songs by X remixed by Y?
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I recently heard a song at a friend's friend's place that I was told was a Sasha/Digweed remix of some unknown Future Sounds of London track. Any search engines where I can find out all songs by X remixed/used by Y?
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I hope someone does come up with such a search engine, but in the meantime could it've been 'Cascade' as featured on S & D's Northern Exposure 1? The original is on Lifeforms, and also appeared as a single in a mere 6 different versions.
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Best answer:, the best damn website for electronic music period, end of story.

For instance, just peruse the pages of Sasha, Digweed and FSoL and you'll find what you are looking for.

I swear it is a phenomenal site for electronic music lovers.
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Here, found it for you: Sasha & John Digweed - Northern Exposure
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Hmmm... the Northern Exposure series are mix CDs. Although it contains a FSOL of London track there is no hint of it being a remix. Clue: Gyan, did the track you heard jump in suddenly at the start and then out suddenly at the end as if part of a mix? If so, it might be this track is just mistagged as a remix or your friend is slightly misinformed.

I associate Sasha and John Digweed with DJ work, and Sasha alone as a producer/remix artist, although I know Digweed has done production work in the past.h
More useful, perhaps is the Sasha & John Digweed page at the (I agree) excellent Discogs, as by rights their work collaboratively should be viewed as being by a seperate artist. As everything there looks like mix/DJ work I suggest the most likely scenario is that it's simply a FSOL track from one of their mix CDs.

I see no reference to Sasha or Digweed on the FSOL page of Discogs - and it is a fairly exhaustive resource. Let us know if you find out for sure!
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punilux is right about all the different versions of Cascade, which is almost certainly the song you're thinking of. The version on Northern Exposure is on the Cascade single - well worth getting.
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I've found P2P apps useful for "info checking", even if you are not interested in downloading files. Soulseek is my app of choice. It's especially good for finding (or finding out about) electronica, indie, and other types of "obscure" music like FSOL. One of the features I like is that it has a "wishlist." You can keep it running in the background (very low-resource app) and it will periodically query the network for things on your wishlist - then pop up a notice in the tray when it finds something. So for instance, you could enter "Future Sound London Sasha Digweed" and if you didn't get a hit, add it to the wishlist. Once it was found, you could see the song title, album, etc. by looking at the directory the person had it in. This technique works sometimes for things that ellude even the almighty Google.
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Response by poster: Strangely, it is Cascade. Which seems weird since the version I heard on 'Lifeforms' some time ago, doesn't match this one. All those damn pesky versions, eh.

Thanks, all.
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I've found P2P apps useful for "info checking"

I think this is a terrible idea - so many mp3s knocking about wrongly attributed to Aphex Twin, Orbital and Boards of Canada, for example. When discogs exists there is no need to take this route.
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