Cupcake liners
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I need cupcake liners.

I am in the UK and I would like to make cupcakes. While I can find pans that seem to be the right size, the only liners I can find are fairy cake size or muffin size. Does anyone know where in the UK I might be able to find standard sized American cupcake liners? I would prefer that they be paper (not silicone) and I am willing to order them online. Thanks in advance!
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These guys have lots different sized casings (with measurements), maybe you will find something suitable.
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Response by poster: Thanks missmagenta, that looks promising, but it's hard to tell from looking at the pics what size they are. Does anyone know the measurement of American liners?
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mine seem to be 5cm diameter at the bottom, 3cm tall
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Best answer: These ones are 5cmx 3cm as are these and these... in fact most of the ones on this page seem to be that size
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I measured the ones in my cupboard (package says only 'STANDARD SIZE') and their measurements are the same. 5cm across the bottom, 3cm tall.

Hooray for cupcakes! Good luck with yours.
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The ones I have (in the US) are labeled "baking cups" if searching for that helps at all.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, you've been really helpful. I am going to order some from the page missmagenta linked tomorrow. Yay cupcakes!
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As an aside, I'd always assumed that cupcakes were just what we called fairy cakes. It seems there is a difference after all, so thanks for enlightening me.
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Response by poster: From what I know, the main difference is that cupcakes are bigger than fairy cakes but not as big as a (big) muffin. Also, I think fairy cakes mainly use icing while cupcakes use buttercream or cream cheese frosting. I haven't looked extensively for cupcakes here, but I know that Starbucks sell them and Tesco also sells a four-pack of chocolate cupcakes.
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