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PowerBook&NetworkingFilter: Dialogue box freezes after I choose System Prefs > Sharing. Help?

Alright. I'm trying to bridge the connection between my wireless network and my ethernet port (in order to get my Xbox 360 online). Trouble is, once I click on Sharing in the System Preferences menu, it stays on loading forever. (Forever = I let it run for forty-eight hours. Nothing.) All other programs work while this happens. Nothing else appears to be wrong with my system. Any ideas what might cause this?

PowerBook G4 w/ Leopard
Wireless adapter and ethernet both built-in
Wireless network is password-protected
Linksys router

I'll respond to any questions within a day--more details available if necessary.
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I went to My user> Library>preferences and opened my sharing panel in system prefs.

Try trashing this file:
That and

(If you're worried, just move them to the desktop. If that doesn't fix it, you can move them back.)
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Any helpful error messages in the Console logs would help diagnose what is causing the computer to freeze when you open that preference panel, but I would also second trashing the related preference files that filmgeek points to. OS X will recreate them upon reboot and it has helped me solve many a problem.
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I can't find either of those .plist files on my system.
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Hmm, that's really odd...but possible.

Ok, let's try creating a new user and trying to turn the sharing on/off there. If it works under a new user, under your prefs, sort it by date, so you can see which prefs are being used.

Bonus, if it works under a new user, we know the problem is specific to your user, and not your machine.
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