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Has anyone used USCIS' new InfoPass program to receive their green card? (more inside)

My wife and I have been trying daily for the last month, to make an appointment for the I-485 Dallas Office Rapid Adjustment (D.O.R.A.) Pilot Program. Either we are told that there are no appointments available or we make it through and enter our contact info, but are given an empty and unusable calendar. We have tried calling for assistance, but are referred back to the site.

I am a US citizen, but my wife is not. We have our forms filled out and ready to file. I am debating on mailing the forms, but am concerned about the length of time it will take. I have been told that it could take up to 2 years, versus 90 days for the pilot program. Does anyone have any additional advice on getting their green card? Thanks.
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i have 2 follow-ups to this question. is someone on an H1B visa eligible for this? it says here that you must have an "immigrant visa number" -- i'm guessing an H1B visa is not considered an immigrant visa? and do you have to live in TX to participate in this program, or is it not important that this is a Dallas office?

anyway, this was not meant to be a hijack of your thread -- and maybe you can ask about the situation on the forum in the link i posted.

as for general advice on the green card process, the only thing i can offer is that i have heard it will take "1-3 years" with the more likely span being as you say, 1-2 years.
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Response by poster: I am unsure as to either of your questions edlundart. I believe that there are offices which offer the same program in Miami and Los Angeles. When you first enter InfoPass, it asks for your zip code, I would guess that it uses that information to point you to the closest one.
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Response by poster: For future reference, I was finally able to make an appointment.

The calendar opened after 6PM. The date is set four weeks and one day following the day you make your appointment. The times ranged from 7am-2pm.
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