NYC lacrosse clubs?
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Are there any lacrosse club teams in NYC?

I played on one for a time when I lived in Baltimore, and now that I have some summer free time coming I'm feeling the urge to strap on the gear again. My google skills, however, have failed me. Constraints are: must be open to new players (of course) and must be based in the city as I don't want to have to rent a zipcar to go to practices. I did find a club in long island, but that wouldn't work for this reason. I'm not opposed to a master-type club (as I'm getting uncomfortably close to 40), but I'm in still in good enough shape that I can play in an open league. In an ideal world, the team would be based near Park Slope, but I'm not holding my breath.
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Best answer: There is a league up at Columbia on Tuesday nights - mostly Wall Street firm sponsored teams, but I know non-finance guys who play. My understanding is that its lots of 20-30-ish former college players, but not at an incredibly high level of play.

There is also a masters league (30+) at Cantiague Park in Hicksville on Thursday nights beginning in I think 2 weeks or so. There are open leagues there as well, but off the top of my head I can't remember what day they are. Cantiague is not as big a hassle as you think - the LIRR to Hicksville from Brooklyn is a lay-up, most of the teams have guys willing to pick people up at the station. Plus once you are playing, I'm sure you'll be able to scam rides.

Unfortunately I don't know of a standing league in Brooklyn. The reality is that in NY, its a game of the suburbs, so when guys hit 30 w/a kid they are probably headed back to the 'burbs, and the leagues grow around that. Also the Cantiague league is huge for college kids home for the summer.

You might try NYAC. They practice at Travers Island I think. I have no idea if they have tryouts, or if they have tons of teams at all skill levels. Course I have no idea what your skill level is.
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Might want to check out -- there might be some info there.
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