T-shirt art ID help, please?
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I'm trying to describe a t-shirt to someone - I remember seeing around when I was a kid (in the '70s), but I cannot find a picture of it anywhere on this webernet thing. It was something like an eagle swooping down on a mouse or some other small animal, which was defiantly giving the eagle the finger. It may have also had some appropirately pithy saying associated with the image. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Five minutes or less, or your pizza is free.
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The caption I recall is "When defeat is inevitable, total defiance is the only option".
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Response by poster: Wow, not only a double, but a misspelled double at that.

Thanks, though. With the rocking.
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Brings back memories.

Around the same time as this was popular, I recall another cartoon with a similar theme; same style, same sentiment -- probably the same artist.

It showed a lake and frogs on lilly-pads watching a panic-stricken stork (or pelican) frantically splashing around and struggling to swallow a frog in its beak. Out of the corners of its mouth you can see two green arms reaching out and down -- and two green hands gripping the bird's throat, trying to choke it. The caption was: "Never Give Up!"
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Though not the one I remember, here's a version:

(Via www.therealmartha.com)
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