Are these Volvos good?
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This question is for my friend. He's looking to buy a more fuel efficient car (he gets 10-12 mpg from his Suburban—wants more like 20-25). He is looking at Volvo cars, specifically the 2000-2002 S60's, S70's, and C70's. Evidently the convertible models from the early 2000's weren't that safe. Looking to spend $11 grand or less. What information do you have about these Volvo models? What should he look out for? Are their similar convertibles to the C70 with similar MPG and better safety/maintenance records?
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Check out Volvo forums, they should have tons of info.
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Volvospeed is another good resource. Try to look past the questionable web design.
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brickboard is another venerable Volvo forum.
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More specifically their AWD Volvo forum which covers the models your friend is looking at.
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BMW convertibles from the 94-98 era (E36) had an awesome system wherein the rear headrests, in the event of a rollover, would extend such that they would be higher than your head, protecting you. I would guess that this feature made it into further generations. The 99-04 cars (E46 generation) are really really really nice, get around 25mpg if you don't have a lead foot, and are starting to come up in the $11k range. Really civilized cars.
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Not necessarily Volvo-specific, but if you're buying a used Swedish car, make sure it's got all of its service records. If it has over 60k miles, make sure that the timing belt and tensioner were replaced in the 60k mile service. If you find one whose owner had the mechanic preemptively replace the water pump while they were in there, you're probably in very good shape.
If it has under 60k miles, budget to do all of the above when it hits 60k.
Otherwise, put the manufacturer-recommended synthetic oil in every 5k and have regular service every 10k (most of these are minor, but there are some scheduled replacements of belts, etc.) and you should be ok.
If this sounds too fiddly for you, get a Toyota.
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Swedespeed is one of the largest Volvo forums.
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