Help me decrypt this mysterious stone ...
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I'm trying to find out what "J.S. of A." stands for. It's engraved on a stone included in an archival collection I'm processing.

So far I've turned up nothing useful via the Web or the print acronym / abbreviation / initial dictionaries that I have access to. The stone is part of a collection of personal papers and artifacts owned by a Washington, D.C. family that date from from ca. 1895-1945 (though several members lived into the late 1960s). The bulk of the material appears to have been collected by two sisters who were D.C. / Maryland / Virginia history buffs. Some of the materials in the collection relate to Savannah, Oklahoma City and England, where the family had relatives and traveled.

I have no contact information for the donor, and all of the people named in the collection itself are dead. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Junior Sons of America? (link 1 | link 2)
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Only barely helpful: My first thought was Girl Scouts of America. Was there ever a "Junior Scouts"?
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here (Google HTMLized Word doc) is a finding aid in which it is given as an abbreviation for Junior Sons of America. Some further Googling indicates a junior auxiliary of a fraternal organization under this name.
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Damn, too slow!
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Response by poster: candyland and enn: thanks - previous digging had not turned up the Junior Sons of America. I'll do a little sleuthing and see if I can figure what (if any) connection the family had to them.

Additional suggestions are still welcome, though, hivemind ...
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Junior State of America?
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Is it possible that the initials are a person's name and a business or country name? For instane, Joe Swanson of America? James Scott of Andover? Joanne Silver of Allied?

Another one that comes to mind is the Justice Society of America, but that's highly unlikely! ;-)
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J.S. of Annapolis? I'll keep thinking on what the J and S might be...
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Justifiable State Of Anxiety?

Jolly Souls Of America?

Jewish Scholars Of Antiquity?
(I think this was a trading card set in the '60's)

There's a slim chance I may be wrong about 1 or more of these...
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