Family Fun In Montreal?
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We're thinking about driving up to Montreal for a 4-day weekend next week -- 2 adults and a 7-year-old girl. There hasn't been a "what to see and do" post about Montreal here since 2005, so tell me what's to see and do these days with a focus on family fun.

As I said, we're driving (from Boston), so things to do in les environs are okay, too.
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The Biodome is ridiculously fun and the botanic gardens nearby gorgeous. I think both are a must-see.
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Absolutely the Biodome. There is also La Ronde, if you want excitement of that sort. And a walk around old downtown Montreal is enchanting. Chinatown has great little stores and cool restaurants, too.
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Labyrinthe in the Old-Port is fun for both kid and parents. Also the always fascinating Science Center and Pointe à Callières museums. A big, big day in the Old-Port!

Going up the Mt-Royal and up the Olympic Stadium inclined tower are also popular. The stadium is right by the Biodome.

Rent bicycles in the Old-Port and bike by the Lachine Canal. Go see the Impact soccer team on friday night. Get a week-end bus and metro pass, ride the metro and stop at random stations, do some exploration around the station, and hop back in the metro. Enjoy the kitsch architecture of the various stations.The cimetière Côte-des-Neiges is impressive. Good spot for picinc!

And if you ever happen to come back for a weekend later in the summer, enjoy the great fireworks while standing on the Jacques-Cartier bridge, locked down for the occasion!
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If you like architecture, check out Habitat 67.
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Definitely ride the metro: everything you'll want to see is easily accessible by public transit, our system is pretty easy to figure out, and most things are written in english as well as french.

Biodome for sure; the botanical gardens are also really nice and fun for kids. I'd skip La Ronde, because there are amusement parks everywhere, and the lineups will waste your day away.

Tam Tams, on Sunday afternoons, are a great follow-up to lunch. A big drumming circle, people dancing everywhere, usually lots of kids. Be aware that there is some low-key drinking and smoking happening in the park, though.

Here is a list of what's happening in Montreal in June -- the Aliens exhibit looks like a lot of fun.
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If you missed this thread, it has some good suggestions. And I'd second Pointe-a-Calliere if your kid's relatively into museums.
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Response by poster: Ooh, somehow I *did* miss that thread, EmilyClimbs. Thanks!
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If you rent bikes in Old Montreal, ask for maps so that you can follow a bike trail up to the observation point on Mont Royal. You can see a good swath of the city from there, and if you get bikes with panniers, or wear a backpack, you could bring a pack lunch and have a picnic with the kids up in the Mont Royal park.
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If you have time, I suggest you go and see Quebec City, about 250km north of Montreal. It's really nice and it does have that "european cachet" within the old walls.
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There's a bunch of boating stuff at the Old Port, too:

- Amphibus tours
- Jetboating and/or speedboating

There's also daytime Bateau Mouche tours and more cruiseship-y tours, but they might be a bit more stuffy and not as fun for kids.
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