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Are Ray-Ban RB3030's the only model they offer with the hook temples (You know, that hook behind your ear)? I really like the RB3362, but they come with standard temples. Can you "build your own" Ray-Ban's? Alternately, does anyone know any other makers with hook temples?
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Here's another maker, Shuron.
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Here are some; try looking for "cable temples" for more options. Back when I wore glasses I had some tinted lenses put in a regular glasses frame with cable temples as well, if you need prescription lenses.
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You can get aviators from Randolph Engineering in any combination of temples (including hooks), frames, and sizes. They're a good bit cheaper, too, not that I don't love my own Ray-Bans.
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you can order the hook-style earpieces at most rayban dealers. They should fit any other aviator frames. (my dad used to have a pair. They were great!)
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