How much cost to translate a novel (italian to english), and who can I ask?
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How much cost to translate a novel (italian to english), and who can I ask? I mean a very good translation, the one you can find in bookstores.

Sorry for my bad english, but it's the reason I ask you this :)
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Best answer: On the order of $10,000 - $15,000; that's figuring 10-15 cents a word (I would be very surprised if you could get a good literary translation for 10 cents a word, but 15 might be possible) over 100,000 words. There are many, many translation agencies that can be found online, though literary translation doesn't make up the bulk of what they do.
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Best answer: I know a couple of translators (not of Italian, though) who charge a base rate of about $20-30 per page, and more as things get harder (technical language that has to be translated perfectly, small print, etc). I suspect that a fair bit of literary translation gets done more as a labor of love, rather than as a well-paid job; I also know people who have translated poetry and fiction in place of writing an undergraduate or masters thesis.
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As far as I understand this, publishers usually arrange literary translation. ON the private market you could start by looking on or inquiring with the American Translation Association. Really for something of this magnitude you would want to make a private arrangement with a translator because you will be 1-step closer to the process than if you use an agency, and of course you'll be paying the agency's costs in the price they charge you. However you'll be able to arrange a discount with the translator directly because of the volume of work you'll be giving them (translators like security - because they can plan where and when they will be working) that will be similar to paying agency rates any way.

Start with personal recommendations, ask for portfolio's, ATA accredited translators will all be very good, they exams are the toughest out their. Do you have a relationship with a publisher, do they have any experience of doing this?
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