Improvisation in Singapore: Where?
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What's the Improv scene in Singapore like? Help me get a more optimistic picture than the one Google provides.

I first got interested in improv theatre & comedy while attending university in the UK. I'm going to Singapore for the duration of this summer vacation and would like to keep in practice, but Google is failing me here when I try looking for "improv comedy in Singapore" (and its variants).

I've found one group (the "Madhatters Comedy Company"), but they seemingly have no upcoming shows - they had one show in May, but no sign of any more.

An offshoot of Improv Everywhere has recently appeared - "Mission: Singapore" - but I'm looking for an actual performing group (at the very minimum, one which has regular performances or, even better, workshops) rather than one that seems focused on flash-mobbing.

There's apparently a workshop in late June, but that also looks like a one-off. Plus I'm not really looking for Improv 101, but rather something more regular.

Help! Is the improv scene in Singapore really as dead as Google would have me believe? Say it ain't so.
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Response by poster: The workshop in late June is this one at the Esplanade: Bitesize - Improv 101. I don't mind being told about one-offs like this one, but... you know. It's not regular.
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I'm a singaporean and i love improv, but it's not a big thing here. THere are 1-man standup skits held by local comedians (Kumar, Hossan Leong, etc) and these take place in various 'arts' places - bars, substation. Once a year, there's an entertainment company that brings in the UK cast of WLIIA (whose line) - Tony Slattery the sorts.
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Best answer: I think most of the improv you're going to find over there will be outside groups brought in on tours & such, as prudie mentions above. Our group here in Atlanta was approached a fews years back about a Singapore & Thailand tour, but we couldn't make the $$ work.

There are some good groups in Japan, and one that I know of in Taiwan... but Singapore seems a bit of a dead zone.

So... find some like-minded people and strike out on your own!
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