Which hoodie should I pick?
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I'm ordering custom screenprinted sweatshirts and am looking for feedback on various brands and styles.

Basically, I'm looking for a high quality, relatively lightweight, pullover (not zippered) hooded sweatshirt.

The only one of this type that I'm familiar with is the American Apparel California Fleece pullover hoodie, which I quite like. Unfortunately, I don't know of any screenprinting services that offer this type (although many offer the zippered variety, for some odd reason). If you do, please let me know.

I've used CustomInk in the past (which I highly recommend, by the way; their customer service is excellent), and unless I can find a service that carries the aforementioned AA hoodie, I'll likely go with them again. But I'm not sure which type to order.

Last time I chose Gildan 50/50s, which are fine in terms of quality, but a little too heavy for my tastes. So I'm looking for something more lightweight this time. The two that seem to fit the bill are Gildan Lightweight and Hanes 50/50. Unfortunately, I have no experience with either. Can anyone who does tell me what they think of them, and if possible, how they compare to the AA California Fleece hoodie?

Any other brand/style recommendations (including those available from reputable services other than CustomInk) are welcome as well. Thanks in advance.
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Neighborhoodies (neighborhoodies.com) sells two lightweight sweatshirts, one with a collar and one with a hood, and offers screen printing. I don't know the brand of shirts they use, but you could call or email them and ask.
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I just checked the page that lists hoodies offered by VGKids (a print shop) and it includes American Apparel "100% California Fleece cotton" pullover hoodies. Not sure if this is the exact type you're looking for, but click on "AmerApp 5495" from that page.

(I've haven't ordered from there but I remember the shop being mentioned/recommended a number of times on AskMe in the past.)
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Yep, that's the one! I hadn't heard of VGKids, I'll check them out. Thanks, macguffin.
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