Which part of the Bruce Trail is not to be missed?
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Which part of the Bruce Trail is not to be missed?

My boyfriend and I are looking to celebrate our anniversary by hiking a segment of the Bruce Trail for an afternoon and relaxing at a B & B afterwards for the night.

We are in Toronto and looking to drive a maximum of 2 hours out of the city.

I have searched here and they give detailed ideas about hikes along with a few B & B suggestions.

My question to you AskMefites is which trail you would recommend?

Option #1 : I'm leaning towards the Blue Mountain trail from Lavender to Craigleith...Is this a good trail? Can you recommend any B & B's?

Option #2: The trail from Milton to Beamsville (the Iroquoia trail) also looks good.

If you have any better ideas, please let me know!
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I used to work for the Bruce Trail (years ago) and I did a number of hikes along it and, to be honest, they're all good (they have 40 recommended ones on their site). The association works very hard to ensure that the trail is maintained and to allow it to return to it's natural state (as best it can).

They publish a reference guide that can usually be found at local bookstores or MEC. The guide lists B&B's along the trail as well as maps and more. It's only $24.95.
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I personally enjoy the northern part of the trail, and think it's well worth considering driving further to get to Cyprus Lake or thereabouts. The crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay are nice this time of year, if a tad cold. Here's some pics.
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Why not begin at one of the cairns and do your hike, then return next year at the point you stopped and make it a yearly tradition until you have hike the whole trail? Other than that, personaly I love the Carolinan forest on the Iroquoia part the best and there are quite a few B&b's on that part (if a bit chi-chi). Did you see this askme?
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Response by poster: Yes saucysault, I did see that thread. Thanks to all for the suggestions. Has anyone stayed at the Edenstone near Lavender?
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